Retirement Planning

Pre-Retirement Planning

Starting a Pension Plan is undoubtedly the best way of saving for your retirement. One key reason for this is the generous tax advantages that Pension Plans offer. This makes it a really cost efficient way of putting money away for your retirement. Whether you are an Employee, Self-Employed or a Company Director we can tailor a plan to suit you.

It is important to put the correct investment strategy in place in order to maximise your returns for retirement. CMCC Financial Solutions Ltd will arm you with all the necessary fund information as well as present our own house view in relation to investment risk.

Have you recently changed employer and are unsure what to do with pension benefits from a previous employment? Are you unhappy with your current pension provider? Our team of independent advisers will look at your existing pension portfolio and guide you on the right path to ensure you are getting the best value and product fit.

Post-Retirement Planning

As you approach retirement you will be faced with a number of options in relation to your Pension Fund. Different Pension Arrangements offer different options when you retire. CMCC Financial Solutions Ltd will guide you through your options in order to maximise your Retirement Fund.

The main options available at retirement include:

  • Tax Free Lump Sum
  • Annuity (Pension for Life)
  • Approved Retirement Fund

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