About Us

We are not tied to any one insurance or investment company and are free to search the market for the very best financial solutions for our clients individual requirements.

Based in Sandyford, Co Dublin, we provide financial solutions on Family Protection, Business Protection, Retirement Planning, Pensions and Mortgages.

We adapt to our clients ever-changing financial circumstances and in doing so develop lasting financial relationships. Our aim at all times is to not only provide value but more importantly add value. Our focus will always be on our clients as they have made us what we are – Their first and last “Trusted Financial Adviser”. 

Our Process

Let us help you with our simple 3 step approach

Step 1 Review

Step 1 Review

We listen to you and consider your current financial arrangements to build a picture. This becomes our road map in terms of getting you from where you are to where you need to be.

Step 2 Research

Step 2 Research

We extensively research the market to compare your current financial arrangements to ensure we identify both the most suitable and the best value solutions.

Step 3 Advise

Step 3 Advise

We then present our financial recommendations. We will continue to review, research and advise at regular intervals to ensure this remains a sound course in ever changing life circumstance.

CMCC Clients

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Sandyford Dublin
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